Understanding the Earth’s changing climate that happens in our surroundings and its consequences is a scientific challenge of enormous importance to society. We build awareness for both individuals and in the community through significant and cutting-edge research on the nature, underlying causes or impacts of global climate change and its implications for policy, economy and in the world.


The Earth is facing a climate crisis which driven by fossil fuels. We are here to make an urgent action as a necessity. In business, in politics, in every aspect of our lives and everywhere that our thoughts bring us to help resolve the current situation which the world is facing. We need an urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and speed the shift to renewables to prevent the rapid damage it may bring.


We work for the expand of our network through getting involved with people and groups who are working toward climate change solutions. We published original research across the natural and social sciences and strives to synthesize interdisciplinary research for the interested public and journalists. We aim to provide response for developing stories and provide the context that sometimes missing in mainstream commentary.